Friday, December 14, 2012

Displaying Vintage Ornaments

A few years ago, while on a visit to one of my favorite Fleas n Tiques stores in Whitney, Texas, I had the great fortune of finding a rather large basket of vintage Christmas ornaments for a mere $5.00 for all them (including the basket!)

There were so many shapes, sizes and colors, and even though most of them were discolored and a bit grungy looking, that's what I loved about them.

I was worried that if I hung them on my tree with my newer glass ornaments, they wouldn't have the same appeal and would simply look like crummy old ornaments.

So, I display them in my dining room china hutch.
It's sort of a haphazard-looking display but I assure you I spent plenty of time making sure my favorite ones were front and center.
And I really love the little pops of color!


I also love that when only the china hutch lights are on, the ornaments really sparkle.
And you don't really notice that they aren't in perfect condition.
(You also don't notice the dust in there or the tarnished silver that I haven't polished in about a bazillion years!)

Sources (in case you were curious about some of my stuff):
Dining Table & Hutch - vintage Broyhill (belonged to my husband's grandmother); there's also a matching sideboard but it's in my entryway
Chairs - mish mash finds that I painted white
China Pattern - Gibson brand from Target
Crystal Pattern - Waterford Kildare (inherited  from my mom)
Gold Charger Plates - Gardenridge or World Market (I have 2 sets and can't recall which ones came form which store)
Silver Tea Service - vintage
Blue Glass Table Vase - Ikea

À la vie et à l'amour

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