Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well Hung

If you read my blog regularly (which is only about 4 people of which I am aware and one of those is my mom), you may recall that I hit the jackpot when I found an entryway light fixture I had been wanting on clearance for $35!

My husband and I hung/installed it last week and here it is:

 Ain't she purdy?

This is what my entryway current looks like.


After viewing this photo I realized how incredibly bored I am of this area of my home.
I decided a makeover, and henceforth, a mood board is in order.

Often I will start decorating a room and change my mind about what I want several times along the way.
The result is that my rooms are constantly in a state of mishmash and redo.

I have found mood boards to be a great way for me to stay on track because I can tweak things without having to make a purchase.

This is what I envision for my entryway:

I call it
The Super Fantasmagorical Entryway of Love

Actually I just call it Entryway Mood Board but the other one sounded a lot more exciting!

Several pieces I already own such as the vintage sideboard, my Stiffel lamp (which I got for a steal at a garage sale over 12 years ago for $10!), my new light fixture, a tray for holding keys, etc and the coat hook.
I know - it's not a great coat hook but it works hard and I haven't found anything I like better.

To do/buy:
1) Wall Paint
I am actually hoping to paint the entire house this nice gray color but I have LOTS of large walls and high ceilings and getting motivated to paint (again) is proving to be a challenge.

2)  Brass Bench
I'll be on the lookout for a brass bench or a metal bench that I can paint gold. 

3) Art
The art in my mood board is a piece by Jenny from the blog My Favorite and My Best.
She is a riot and quite talented, too.
Her piece above was sold long ago but I love the colors and would like to find something similar.

4) Turkish Rug
The one in the mood board is one of several Naomi from Design Manifest found for under $200.
I love the rich colors in this one and have my fingers crossed that I will eventually find one comparable.
If you find one somewhere email me right away!

5) Bonsai
I don't know why but I have always loved Bonsai trees.  
I can almost picture myself miniaturized sitting underneath this one reading a book.
Also, if I had a Bonsai tree I would probably instantly know how to do karate.
And make fortune cookies.

Or not.

OK, so there you have it!
My well hung light fixture and my entryway mood board.

À la vie et à l'amour

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