Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sneak Peek - Ugly Dresser Redo

Several whiles ago I purchased this dresser from a local thrift store for my daughter's, room.  

 She needed LOTS of drawers and didn't want a tall dresser.  
We bought this one very inexpensively knowing we would redo it.

Over the weekend the weather was nice so we decided to work on the dresser.

I'm sure this next proclamation will create all sorts of unrest amongst those of you who feel all furniture must be sanded before priming and painting.
I do not sand.
I'm too impatient so I just slap some Kilz primer on then paint as soon as possible.

It's worked for me so far so until hellfire rains down and destroys all of my unsanded furniture I'm just going to stick with my no sand method.

We removed all of the drawer hardware, filled the holes with wood filler, primed it all up and then let it dry.

For this project I chose an oil based white enamel paint because we want the finish to be uber glossy and sophisticated.  

 NOTE - Oil based paint is not my best friend.  I find it difficult.  But if you invest the extra time and carefulness it takes to use oil based paint (which is very unforgiving of spills and errors and requires  extra brush clean up) it will be sturdy and beautiful for a long time.

We were able to get 1 coat of enamel on the dresser body and half of the drawers before humidity and a light rain forced us indoors.

 ANOTHER NOTE - Don't try to use enamel paint sparingly.  Go ahead and shmear it on there because if you don't it's not going to cover and you may get ugly brush marks. a good brush when using oil based paint.  Cheap disposable brushes are fine for latex but not for oil based.

And because it's so blarpin' humid in Texas right now we had to let the first coat dry overnight before putting on the second coat.
And then we ran out of weekend so the rest of the drawers are having to wait patiently for their turn.

But it's looking fantastico!  
(That's Spanish for super shiny and pretty!)

LOOK!  You can see the lamp reflected in the glossy finish!
And it's so smooth to the touch like velvet.

Only stickier.
Because it's still pretty humid.

We still have several drawers remaining to be primed and painted and we need hardware, of course.

Has anyone seen anything out there that would be fabuloso on this dresser that won't cost me a fortune?

If you want to explore some of my daughter's room redo ideas you can check out her Pinterest board.

À la vie et à l'amour


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