Friday, October 5, 2012

Mean Girls (& a Teen DIY Project)

Some of you may recall the 2004 film, Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan (pre-jail time), Rachel McAdams as the nasty clique leader, and Amanda Seyfried as one of her 'minions'. 

The movie was based on a book written by 
Rosalind Wiseman entitled,

'Queen Bees and Wannabees: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and the New Realities of Girl World'


It's a non-fiction book that describes the social pecking order of girls high school cliques and how they operate.

This is truly one of the BEST books about parenting girls that I have ever read!
 It should be assigned reading for parents of girls.

The screen play for the movie Mean Girls was written by comedienne Tina Fey (who also stars in the movie.) It's a hilarious, yet often disturbing, satirical version of the book that was highly successful at the box office.

It has also become a highly quotable movie.

So when my younger daughter turned 15 last month and added this to her birthday Pinterest board, I thought it would be a great gift for her.

Guess what?
No one actually MAKES this sweatshirt.

But I love a challenge!  And a DIY project!
Here is my version of the 'On Wednesdays We Wear Pink' sweatshirt:

I really wanted more of a light heathered pink sweatshirt but she loves it so who cares!
Here's how to make your own Mean Girls sweatshirt 
(for really cheap!)

You Will Need:
 1 Pink Sweatshirt (buy it BIG)
(The ONLY place I could find one was Wal Mart and believe me, I looked everywhere before relenting to the terror of having to go there!  I think it was about $7)

2 Packages of Flocked White Iron On Letters 
(The easiest and least expensive ones to use are from Hobby Lobby for about $4 per package.  I had to buy 2 packages because I needed 4 W's.)  
Click here for a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon.

1) WASH AND DRY YOUR SWEATSHIRT!  This is a very important step and you should not skip it!
2) Lay out your letters and follow the iron-on instructions included with your letters.
3) Wear your sweatshirt (on Wednesday, of course) and be awesome!

À la vie et à l'amour


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