Monday, October 8, 2012

Dining Room Mood Board

One of the most used rooms in my home is my dining room.
Meals just seem more special in the 'fancy dining room' as my kids sometimes refer to it (but it's really not very fancy.)

I do like my dining room a lot but it's still very much a work on progress.
Here is what it currently looks like:

We inherited the table and hutch when we bought our first home about 15 years ago.
They belonged to my husband's grandmother whom he loved dearly and spent lots of time with as a child.

When we brought this set home, mid-century modern was not on the top of the 'most desirable' list for me.
But now I really love it and would never dream of getting rid of it. 
And my husband loves that he gets to enjoy something that belonged to someone who was so special to him.

I do, however, have big plans to give this room more pizazz.
For now this is what I imagine for my dining room:

-Keep my table, the hutch and mismatched white painted chairs

-Dark gray for the walls and matching dark gray curtains 

-Waterford chandelier will stay... for now

-Bribe 17 year old daughter (a wonderful artist) to recreate large canvas painting

 -Hot pink and orange ikat fabric (or something similar) chairs

-Blue and white ceramics at Hobby Lobby for super duper cheap - cluster of 3-5

-Use existing candle sconces - spray paint gold 

I am thinking that all of the aforementioned (fancy word there) changes would probably cost me less than $100. 
But here's the caveat...

The white and gold wallpaper from Hygge & West would be used to line the back of the hutch.

It's really beautiful and I want it a whole big bunch!
(Like as much as a 12 year old girl wants to meet Justin Beiber!)

 it's $125 per roll!

I could probably re-do another entire room for what 1 roll of this would cost me!
 I'm thinking I may have to come up with a painted stencil of somesuch nature.

But, that's my dining room plan. 
What do you think?
  Any other fabulous ideas out there?
I'm interested in getting some feedback.

À la vie et à l'amour

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