Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feast Your Eyes

My dining room chandelier is a beautiful Waterford crystal specimen.
It's quite sparkly and lovely but...
it's tainted.
And it's hung too high.

Long story short-
My dad gave this chandelier to my mom as a 29th anniversary gift.
They divorced a few months later.
I inherited said chandelier full of taint with a chain that's too short for my dining room.
The end.

So I am on the hunt for something fantastically awesome and unexpected!
...that I can also afford.

Through various Google images searches I have found several options that had to be considered (albeit briefly) if only for the sake of the unexpected.

First, I give you the

Unfortunately it cost and arm and a leg! (You see what I did there?)

Next we have the
Round of Applause

High hundred-and-five, suckas!

How about the
Bird Nest
(this one I found on
I actually kind of want this one just so I can host a dinner party and serve all kinds of poultry and egg dishes and have feathers sprinkled all over the table and watch my guests faces as they connect the dots.

Or how about this one which I like to call
The Last Person Who Insulted My Cooking

And last, but not least, I present to you the
Upside Down Plastic Mesh Trash Can Stuffed with Some Cheap Fake Birds and Some Sticks

I'm all for a good DIY project and have no problem with Dollar Tree finds but seriously...

For obvious reason I have decided against the aforementioned light fixtures but I haven't quite decided for sure which direction I want to go with the light fixture I want.

Maybe a simple, classic modern brass like one of these:

I am also considering getting crazy with the Cheez Whiz and going with something in glass like one of these momma-jommas because if you have something like this in your dining room ,it's obvious that you're just better than everyone else and I think I would like to be that girl for a change:

So, yeah, this one has kind of a 'Medusa stopped turning stuff to stone and started blowing glass' vibe but it's just so twisty and swirly and artsy and awesome.
I want it in blue.

I also like these nature-y ones:

This one is from West Elm and it's made from dried coconut strips.
I like it because it's not only interesting, sculptural and attractive...
it's also EDIBLE! How convenient is that?
(Ugh – I'm sure I need put a disclaimer here that it's not actually edible – I made that part up. 
So if you buy this, don't eat it. But if you do try to eat it email me and let me know if it's delicious!)

Last but not least...
This one can be purchased for a mere $1249 at

It looks like it's made of sticks someone found in their backyard.
I have sticks in MY backyard...

Actually it's made from reclaimed French oak wine barrel staves.

Just an FYI for those who might drink wine from a box on occasion and didn't already know this – a stave is a fancy word for pieces of wood that make up the sides of a vessel of some sort...

I looked it up.

À la vie et à l'amour

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