Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Great Purge

I have pinned various quotes on Pinterest but there are a few that I find myself thinking about often.  The quote above is one of them.

Yesterday I began what I am calling, The Great Purge.
It looked a little like this:

I had a cabinet full of liquor that we never drink
(I know...hard to imagine)
so I got rid of it!

And, no, I didn't get rid of it by drinking it because it was early in the day and I still needed to be conscious.

Down the drain it went and now my liquor cabinet contains only the libations that we actually use and enjoy.

I am sharing this with you because I am in the process of de-cluttering.  

After being inspired by the blog, The Year Of Less I have decided to make a conscious effort to

Be Happy With Less

I love Kelly's ideas about “a life of radical simplicity”!  

For me living simply means more time to enjoy what I really love...

like my cleared out liquor cabinet

My family, of course!

I decided to start by setting some goals for myself. They are:
  1. Simplify home and life; better organization
  2. Leave a smaller environmental footprint
  3. Spend less, save more

For the month of September I have decided to challenge myself to do the following:
  1. Continue with 'The Great Purge' and rid my home of items that are not useful or beautiful
  2. Find some way each day to reduce, reuse, or recycle
  3. Buy only items that are necessities (I have a feeling this one may be tougher than it sounds!)

Below is another great quote and picture I found on Pinterest 

I hope that leading by example will encourage my children to remember what is truly important.

À la vie et à l'amour

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