Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY: Barney's NY 'Spot Pillow'

I saw this amazing 'Spot Pillow' online at Barney's New York:

For a mere $175 this 16 inch throw pillow made of pony hair and suede can be sitting on my sofa. Maybe I should get two of them?

(that was me exploding in really loud laughter)

I live in a place called REALITY and in this place we spend money on such frivolities like...
food for our families!

But, fortunately, REALITY is just down the street from a place called


and a 'Spot Pillow' can be yours for about $5-$10!

My pillow was less than $5 because I reused a pillow I already had
(Be Green, Save Green!) 

Used the force to cut the cover off, I did.
(That was my best Yoda impression. Pretty good, right?)

But if you don't already have a pillow to repurpose/recycle you can buy this one at Ikea for about $4.

You also need:
1 small tube of Gold acrylic paint
(I used the FolkArt Metallic brand in color 660 called 'Pure Gold'
It was a whopping $1.99 at Hobby Lobby)

And some white fabric.
The Barney's pillow uses pony hair and suede but I imagine that stuff is pretty pricey 

and I'm not condonin' no pony killin'

So I used twill.
It's $9.99 per yard and I only needed half a yard for 1 pillow PLUS I was able to use a 40% off coupon on my phone so I got the fabric for about
$3 for half a yard.

Speaking of ponies, you should listen to this song called 
Dead American Writers from a group called Tired Pony: 

While listening to great music, I cut 2 squares of fabric to 17.5 x 17.5 because my pillow is 17 inches and I needed a little seam allowance.

Then I laid my squares out on a dropcloth outside.

Next, I mixed about a tablespoon of the gold paint in a small disposable bowl with a little bit of water to thin it out.
I don't know exactly how much water – you just want it the consistency of a creamy soup but not too watery.

Then I dipped my brush (a 1 inch wide one that I borrowed from my daughter) in the paint and dabbed off the excess on the side of the bowl.

Using a vertical arm motion, I spattered the paint across the fabric. (It's sort of like sword fighting!)
Keep spattering your fabric until it looks awesome!

(I didn't spatter mine as much as Barney's spattered theirs
but you get the idea.)

Let it dry for several hours.  
I let mine dry overnight but it was completely dry after a couple hours.

***If you're using an already-made pillow you can only spatter one side at a time so it will need to dry completely then you'll have to turn it over and spatter the other side.

Then I sewed my fabric squares together with the painted sides facing each other.

 I had to leave an opening along one side about 5-6 inches wide so I could stuff my pillow form into it. 

Then I turned my sewn pillow cover right side out and stuffed the pillow form into it through the opening.

Lastly, using a needle and thread, I stitched up the opening and...

A $5 Spot Pillow!

Barney's New York can SUCK IT!  
(just kidding!)

 No ponies were harmed during the making of this pillow.

À la vie et à l'amour

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