Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I've Created a Monster

First and foremost, I got my new Ikea catalog in the mail today. Score! Life just doesn't get much better than Swedes who know how to produce cheap home furnishings. Ikea is my favorite 'go to' place for simple, inexpensive, modern home furnishings.

...And their meatballs are pretty good, too.

Several weeks ago I shared with my kids that I was finally going to be painting & updating my son's room. He and I had decided on a paint color and found some ideas for the direction we want to go with his room. The next day the work began...

...On my daughters' rooms.


I don't even know how it happened but after numerous trips to Lowes, Ikea, and the fabric store, Bailey's room is finally close to finished. She paid for everything herself and she only spent around $150 for the entire room. She also did a lot of the work herself, including painting! 

 That's my baby girl hard at work!

She does still need a dust ruffle and I think she is planning to buy more storage baskets.  But, even unfinished, I think she did a pretty amazing job, and she really loves how it turned out! 

Here are some pictures:

This is her room BEFORE
It was painted a light orange color that closely resembled vomit.  
(Pardon the signs - her room redo was a surprise from us and her grandma and we labeled who gave her what.)


She had this assortment of pillows on her bed:

We recycled/recovered them with inexpensive burlap, linen and a really cute gray and white chevron fabric (all from Hobby Lobby) and now they look like this:

She also bought a brass lamp at the thrift store for $6...

...and painted it to look like this:
The linen shade was purchased from Lowe's and cost about $15.

She added these cute twine covered pulls she found at Hobby Lobby to her closet doors.

Here's this side of the room before with the vomit walls:

...and here is the AFTER!

She also traded desks with her sister and added a linen fabric skirt to hide the items underneath. 
(Of course, this also means that when I tell her to clean her room she can just shove it all underneath and I won't see it!)

Her FAVORITE part of the room, though, is the faux canopy that she added behind the bed.  Super duper cheap white fabric from Hobby Lobby draped onto a super duper cheap rod from Ikea.
(She might even add twinkle lights behind the fabric eventually.)

 Didn't she do a great job?!

À la vie et à l'amour

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