Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been very lame lately and haven't posted any blog entries for quite some time. I can't seem to find any inspiration or motivation and I'm feeling lots of frustration. That's a lot of 'tions' for one person.

This photo pretty much sums up how I've been feeling:

It's as though one of my antlers has come unglued. (Actually one my antlers did come unglued. Again. It's starting to get on my nerves that I can't seem to get these suckers to stay attached!)

I am also really bored with myself right now. I find most of my joy and entertainment on lawn watering day. The hubs (husband) and I have our morning coffee outside and watch the dogs chase the Polaris around the pool until the sprinklers come on. Then we watch the dogs try to eat the sprinkler water. 

Yep. It's pretty entertaining.

So, to make my self feel like less of a loser this week I thought I would post some photos of things I've done during other weeks when I wasn't being so lame. 

#1 - I PAINTED my ugly 90's era forest green kitchen tile backsplash. I wasn't ready to rip out the tile and redo everything because tiling is a big fat pain in the rear end! It's also costly and I have a big 'ol list of other stuff I want to buy first. I also thought about beadboard but, that too, would have been much more challenging. So I primed and painted. 



#2 - I painted all of my mismatched dining room chairs white and recovered the seats with beige linen. The linen is a bit boring but I haven't found the exact fabric I want yet. But I really like how the white chairs turned out. I also need to replace the plain black curtain panels I had in that room but I'm not in a hurry on that either. I also want to replace the Waterford chandelier that is currently in here with something very modern. But obviously it's tough to part with a Waterford chandy. I'm thinking about using it in my master bathroom if I ever get around to re-doing that room. I think it would be lovely above an old clawfoot tub.

#3 - I painted a thrift store tray and updated my H wall. The tray was brown wood (and I think I paid all of $3 for it) so I primed it and painted it gray. I plan to line the bottom of it with a nice paper or wallpaper but, again, I haven't found exactly what I have envisioned for it. I also removed some of my H's to make this area look less cluttered and put some of them inside these frames. I had many of the frames already and also picked a couple up at the thrift store. (Thrift store finds are great for this type of thing because if you get tired of them you haven't spent much anyway and can donate them back and get the tax write off!)

#4 - I painted Husband's nightstand. This cabinet, which I think was probably intended to be a TV cabinet, was given to me by a friend of my mom's. It was brown wood originally and it kind of looked like a pirate treasure cabinet or some-such nonsense. Bottom line – it was Arrrrr-GLY! I primed it, painted it and put the original hardware back on it and now it's kind of cute.

#5 -I also painted my nightstand, too. It was a country crackle finish previously and now it's just solid white and much more modern. I am still working on that wall to the left. I've been thinking about a gallery wall but haven't quite decided yet. And, yes. There is a sign above my bed that reads 'MAGIC'. I found it at my favorite antique store near Lake Whitney and immediately knew it should go above the bed because everyone needs a little magic in the bedroom (and a good sense of humor!) :)

#6 - Last but not least (well, actually it is sort of the least because it was the easiest and least expensive project. I made some grown up birthday decorations for myself! I can't take credit for this  idea as it was borrowed from my cousin who did something similar for her wedding. Hers was incredibly beautiful! She used real roses and had tons of them draped and dangling from an antique willow type tree that was on the plantation where she was married. I modified mine by using faux flowers and my trees were much smaller so I only needed a few. But it was very fun to watch them blowing in the breeze. (And I think it only cost me about $10 using ribbon and flowers from the Dollar Tree!)

Whew! No wonder I'm unmotivated – I have been busy! So I'm feeling a little less lame now and might even go work on my other unfinished projects.  Or maybe that will have to wait because I think the clock says it's wine thirty! 

À la vie et à l'amour

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you know someone is out there reading all of your posts :). I like your birthday roses.