Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cute & Simple Teen Girl Gift Ideas for $20-$25

Buying gifts for a teenage girl can be quite a challenge.
I have two teen daughters and I still sometimes struggle to find gifts that I know they will love.
 That also won't break the bank.

Over the years I've purchased lots of gifts for my daughters and their friends for various gift giving holidays.
Here is my list of easy

Teen Girl Gift Ideas for $20-$25. 

Many can be modified if your budget is a little less or added to if your budget is a little larger.
And almost all of them could make great gifts for adult women, too with some slight modifications!

Gift Idea #1
Fashionista  - $20
Seventeeen Magazine's book, The Ultimate Guide to Style

Pair it with a cute scarf from Forever 21 for about $9 

and wrap it all up like this:

*Add on idea - top off the 'scarf bow' with a sparkly pin or hair clips!
Like these from Forever 21 for $4

Gift Idea #2
 Foodie - $25
(All three of my kids LOVE Fondue night at our house!)

Add in this Fondue recipe book from Amazon for $3 or check your local Half Price Books for one.

*Add on idea - Include a package of Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips for about $3 from Target

Gift Idea #3
 Toasty Toes - $20
I LOVE these pedicure socks from Amazon for $9!
The toes are open so your feet can stay warm while you polish your toenails.

Add some Bath and Body Works Foot Cream ($6 each or 3 for $12)

And a bottle of Sally Hansen nail polish in a fun color (found at Target for about $3)

*Add on idea - polish remover and cotton balls for less than $5

Gift Idea #4
Shopper - $25
Start with a super cute small clutch purse like this one from SamMoon for about $15:

And add some 'necessities' from Target like these:
A 3 pack of tissues for $1

Chapstick (about $2 each)

First Aid Kit $1

Oil Absorbing Sheets from E.L.F. (3 pack for $3)

Pack of Gum (about $1)

And don't forget some hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works for $1 

*Add On Idea - I would go with a purse upgrade and choose this purple sequin clutch from Target for $23
(It's also available in silver!)

Gift Idea #5
Pajama Party - $20
Cute pajama pants or shorts like these from Forever 21 for $12

paired with a Mean Girls DVD for about $8 at Target

*Add on Idea - For an extra $5 you could throw in a box of microwave popcorn and some movie theater size candy!

If your teen recipient is a big fan of Mean Girls you may want to check out my DIY Mean Girls sweatshirt here.

Gift Idea #6
Warm Wishes - $20
Start with a warm winter scarf from Forever 21 like this one for about $9

Add a coordinating insulated coffee mug
(My daughter got this one at Target for less than $3)

Then add a $5 Starbucks gift card!

*Add on idea - Instead of the $3 insulated cup go with this cute Alphabet Mug from Pottery Barn for only $10! 

Gift Idea #7
Nailed It - $20
These are the perfect I-just-gave-myself-a-manicure mittens because they are fingerless so you can still see those beautifully polished nails (or let your polish dry) while your hands stay warm.
They are only $6 at Forever 21.
I would add this polish remover from Target for $2.50
and this Pink Flamingo sparkly nail polish also from Forever 21 for $3
And, because this was such a great deal on Amazon, I would also add this 2 pack of Sally Hansen nail stickers in leopard print and zebra stripe because they were only $3.50!
(Sadly, when I went back to find them again they were gone but there were still some really cute ones for around $5.)
 *Add on idea - Get rid of the stinky polish remover smell by adding a Mini Candle from Bath and Body Works (I like Twisted Peppermint!)  $3.50 each or 2 for $5

Hope these ideas have helped reduce some shopping stress for you this holiday season!
 Happy Shopping!

À la vie et à l'amour

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