Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ghosts of Christmases Past

We watched part of Disney's, A Christmas Carol, last night.
It got me thinking about Christmases past and what kind of ghosts/skeletons are in my past Christmases.

There were quite a few to say the least and some of them were real doozies.
(If you need to look away, I'll completely understand.)

Let's see what we have first...

It's Dancerella Christmas!
This is the first Christmas that I can actually recall from memory.

Dancerella was a ballerina doll that danced when you pressed a button on the top of her head.

She was made of super hard plastic.
 And she made weird sounds when you moved her limbs.
She was creepy.

Maybe that's why I'm sheet white and look terrified in the picture.

But she was so awesome in the commercial:

Rest in peace creepy little dancing doll.

 Moving on to...

A Very Brown Christmas

Unfortunately I had to take my cousin down with me on this one since he looks even more 'special-er' than I do!

Don't you love that our pose is so natural yet sophisticated at the same time?
Pretty sure our moms were already egg-nogged up and giggling at us from behind the camera.

"Why, cousin, you're looking so dapper in your combinations of beige and brown polyester this evening."

"Thank you, cousin. And I really admire those black patent shoes that your mother only lets you wear twice a year." 

(Yeah.  I'm still bitter.  I loved those shoes.)

Speaking of my cousin, we were together again at Grandma's house a few Christmases later for what I refer to as


That's because I was completely obsessed with Barbie (and I'm an only child) and I got the fully furnished Dream House, The Camper, and the horse named Dallas that year!

See how excited I was to find the Dream House AND the Camper under the tree from Santa?

So excited that my cousin and I sat there next to Dream House and Camper and looked through the blank pages of an empty scrapbook.


My parents should have kicked me in the head!

But instead my mom did this:

Matchy Christmas

My mom sewed.
We matched.
End of story.

 But wait!

We also have the sequel...
Matchy Christmas #2

She stepped it up a few notches this year with skirts AND vests.
AAAAAND, she suckered Dad into it, too!
Well played, Mom!

Let's jump forward a few more years to  
White Collar Christmas

Um, yeah.
It's self explanatory.
(And I really don't want to talk about this one outside of group therapy.)

And one final Ghost of Christmases Past...
Side Hair Christmas

The key is to pull all that giant hair to one side and tilt your head slightly.
Then no one notices the giant fuzzy caterpillars above your eyes.
That is a rare gift there.

A little decorating sidenote to go with the sidehair...

Do you see that flippin awesome vintage brass floor lamp in the picture?
If my mom still had that I would totally steal it from her.

It would be my reward for her making me wear matchy Christmas outfits.

À la vie et à l'amour

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