Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Big Bowl of Disappointment

For those of you who checked my blog yesterday only to find nothing new posted,
I apologize.
You were depending on me to entertain you for a few minutes and I served up a 
big bowl of disappointment.

I had planned to share some pictures of the snow we had yesterday morning but by the time I got outside to take a picture of it, there was only about a teaspoon of snow remaining:

Do you see it there on the pool float that I still haven't put away for winter?

I was also going to share some pictures of the holiday parade we went to on Saturday (Jordyn's drill team performed in it):

How do you like my 'early Saturday morning hair in a bun' hairstyle?

That's Gidget - she was working on her 'socialization' which wasn't helped by the Elvis impersonators on very loud mini motorcycles

That's my Jordyn on the far end closest to the tree

My son had such a great time - isn't it obvious?

But instead of all of those exicting and wonderful adventures I gave you nothing.

Honestly, yesterday was not one of my better days.

I drank way too much coffee in the morning which made me tense and jittery. 

Then I had my annual holiday meltdown that my very patient husband talked me through despite me blaming him for things like the end of the Mayan calendar which I thought was happening tomorrow (the 12th) but is actually not until next Friday the 21st 
(maybe I'm dyslexic?)

Did you know that there is a theory that when you have negative energy surrounding you it can manifest in electrical and physical ways?

Such as...
Shorting out strands of Christmas lights after you've put them on your tree,
Killing your 2 year old TV receiver so that your sound comes from one tiny little speaker rather than your awesome surround sound,
Shutting down the ATM machine when you make a large deposit and producing no receipt as record of the transaction

It seems like a load of gobbledygook to me (um, yes, that's actually a real word.)
But it definitely has me thinking this morning...

 ...mostly about BACON!

And this new decorating book by Holly Becker:

Hope you have a day full of positive energy!

 À la vie et à l'amour

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