Monday, January 21, 2013

Painted File Cabinets & Furbish & Splatter Pillows

2013 is going to be all about paint for me!
It is, by far, the easiest and least expensive way to instantly update walls, furniture, and accessories.

Like my brown living room that I posted about here, my office has an excessive amount of brown furnishings.

There are too many wood pieces (4 to be exact), and I recently switched out my brown living room sofa with the one that was in here so now the brown sofa is in there.
And the wood floors are also brown.

On top of that, the walls are goldy-beige which makes the entire room sort of a brownish goldy on brown tone on tone monochromatic mess.
husbands ugly brown office
As I've mentioned before, I have plans to paint all the walls in my house a cool gray.

There is also a really large entertainment center/bookcase in there that will definitely be getting some paint, too.
I'm thinking that's where my white will come in since it's the biggest piece in there.
BIG piece o' furniture

Once I have those big projects tackled, the color will be coming in!
We have two black metal file cabinets in there.
bad photo because cabinet is so ugly it didn't deserve a real photo
The file cabinets are a necessary evil because they hold important crap.
Like papers.
And big giant printers.

But I want to make them a little less evil with some paint.
Right now I'm thinking about a glossy cobalt blue
Hi! I'm a blue non-evil file cabinet!

But I also liked these painted file cabinets
Trellis stencil maybe?
This makes me want to get 2 matching chairs for the office and put one file cabinet between them.

Then I started thinking that I could also add an ikat fabric on top once they are painted to provide an additional punch of color.

I like this one from Furbish:

I love that hint of light blue and the muted colors.
It would tie the two blues together but still let the bright blue file cabinets stand out.
And it's only $20 per yard and I would probably only need one yard of it to go over my two cabinets.

You should check out the Furbish site for other office accessories because they have some really great stuff there!

Like this:

It's $50.00.

See this?

It's also a splatter pillow.

It was $5.00

Because I made it.
You can find the tutorial here.
You can use black paint instead.

You're welcome.

 À la vie et à l'amour

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