Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Wasted Friday

Contrary to what the title suggests, I did NOT get to spend my Friday wasted.

Friday morning, while typing a fantastically mediocre post about decorating, I received a call from the owner of a million dollar vacation home that we manage and rent out in regards to an issue with the group currently staying there.

So my day went from writing blog posts, cleaning house and doing laundry to my husband and I driving 2 hours to Lake Whitney to address a possible issue with the group of 45-50 men in their early 20s who had arrived in a chartered bus and had a fantastic party (bonfire included) the previous night.

In the car my husband asked me what I planned to say when we knocked on the door if the group was still there.  
I had already left them a nasty voice mail demanding them to leave immediately or we would have them removed from the premises.

Husband: So what's your plan if they are still there?

Me: I will knock on the door and shove a copy of the policies in their face and tell them they have 30 minutes to leave or else.

Husband: Or else what?

Me: I'll kick them out.

Husband: You're 5'3 and weigh a buck fifteen.

Me: Yeah, but I'm angry and I'm loud and I have you for back up.

Husband: There could be forty five guys in there.  I don't like those odds.

Me: Forty five HUNGOVER guys.

Husband:  Good point.  

Me: Yeah. We've totally got this.

Fortunately (for them) they had already left by the time we got there 2 hours later.
And the place didn't look too bad, surprisingly.

So we didn't have to kick any hungover butts.

We spent the rest of the day driving around the lake and checking on our other places.

And we ate really good barbecue.

And were stared at by every person in the barbecue restaurant as though we had just arrived on our alien spacecraft.

I think it's because we were the only ones not wearing camouflage.

And we had all of our own teeth.

Lake Whitney

Have a great weekend, everyone!

À la vie et à l'amour

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