Friday, January 11, 2013

My Daughter, The Tentacle

Did you know that the plural of octopus is “octopuses”, not “octopi” ? 

This was a complete and total shock as well as a serious life disappointment to me as I have always referred to these 2 eyed, 8 arm, venomous, intelligent and highly flexible invertebrates as “octopi.”


But apparently “octopi” is a culinary dish that is obtained by placing an octopus or octopuses into a pie shell. 

And adding an “e” to the end.


If you are planning to make this sure-to-be-delightful dinner surprise, be sure to boil the octopus properly before pie-ing otherwise it will be slimy, smelly and inky.

But as you can see, octopie is all about the tentacles.
So I imagine those are the yummiest part of the octopus/es.

And certainly the most talented part of the octopus,
as evidenced by this conversation between my daughter and myself:

Me: How was Little Mermaid rehearsal today?

Daughter: Oh my gosh! You are not going to believe this! I got an extra part because someone dropped out.

Me: No way! That's so awesome!

Daughter: I know! So guess what part I got?

Me:  I give up.

Daughter:  I get to be a TENTACLE!  And we get to shimmy like this (daughter demonstrates excellent fluid-ic tentacular shimmy motion) and we get to wear morph suits!

Me: You're totally going to steal the show!

Daughter: Yep. Pretty much.

I am so proud.
And I'm like officially and Octo-mom or something.

So, in celebration of this super amazing accomplishment I give you these tentacular show stoppers.

Octopus wallpaper from Anthropologie
I really want this tryptic framed art for my living room!  via Design Wonderland

Octo-hook from Anthropologie
via Sticky Elbow
Ermagerd! An Octoperse

I think these are all beautiful, fun and a great display of confidence and talent.

But not nearly as beautiful, fun, confident and talented as my daughter, The Tentacle!

my daughter, The Tentacle!

À la vie et à l'amour

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