Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Favorite Photos

Today I've been thinking about two of my favorite people...
my adorable grandparents.

I've also been thinking about this photograph of them when they were first married:

Which was more than 65 years ago!
Grandparents on their wedding day
That's a serious lifelong commitment and a wonderful accomplishment.

I've also been thinking about ways to get that first photograph, which is small at only a few inches by even fewer inches, onto my dining room wall in a BIG way!

Here are some ideas I discovered on Houzz.com:

My plan is to take the photo to Staples, and have them blow it up super big.
I've done this before and it cost me less than $15 because it's on inexpensive paper.

Then I want to frame it in a large Ribba frame from Ikea that I already have that's currently being used elsewhere in my home.

AND...I'm thinking about painting the frame a bright tomato red color to make it really stand out!
Elle Decor

I think this works for me!

  À la vie et à l'amour

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