Monday, April 15, 2013

Versatility In Decorating

Usually when I buy something for my home, I find that it will work in just about any room even if it's not the room I specifically purchased the item for.

I don't necessarily do this on purpose but I think because most of the rooms in my home are a style specific to my tastes, much of my decor is interchangeable and can be used in just about all of the other rooms.

Last week I shared a tour of my son's room as it currently looks.


But I started thinking more about how easily it will adapt as he gets older and his tastes change.

I thought I'd have fun changing things up using items from other rooms around my house to show you how easily this room can take on a whole new look!

(yeah, I know...the magic word thing is pretty stupid-o)


Cool, huh?

Let's see the BEFORE and AFTER one more time:



I went through my house and pulled things from almost every room to use for this demonstration.
The rug is from my oldest daughter's room, while the decorative pillows, blanket, guitar and amp along with some artwork are from my younger daughter's room.
I also pulled a chair and lamp from the living room and some accessories from my office.

This was just a staged example of what I COULD do with the room.
If I were really going to change things I would have also painted the dresser (black maybe) and added some nice brass pulls,etc. 

What about at your house?
Do you buy furniture and accessories that can be used in various rooms?
Or do you buy items with one specific room or area in mind?

À la vie et à l'amour

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