Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Room Tour: An Eclectic Boy's Room

I love getting a little glimpse into how other people live and decorate, 
don't you?

Sometimes when we are driving through a neighborhood at night I tell my husband to drive slowly in case someone has their blinds open so I can peek inside and see what their decor looks like.

He thinks it's kind of creepy that I do that...
but he drives slowly anyway.

And in case you live in my area,
consider yourself warned.

Today I'm bringing you a tour of my son's tween room so that you don't have to drive by my house at night and look through the blinds to see it.

Since my son is only 11 he really doesn't give a rat's butt about what his room looks like.
If I left the decorating to him, his room would look like someone vomited Saturday morning cartoons all over the place.
And there would be dead stuff on every surface 
(he's an avid fossil collector but we often end up with actual animal bones and teeth, too.) 

I'm all for letting kids decide some things but letting an 11 year old boy decorate his own room would be like letting your car mechanic perform heart surgery on you.
It's just plain stoopid.

But I do think kids should have some say in what their room looks like.
So, when we started working on this room I said,
"Hey, do you like gray paint?"
He said, "Yes."

The way I see it, he had a role in the decorating of his own room.
(I also let him have Spongebob sheets on his bed, too, because I'm not a complete animal!)
His room is currently very much an eclectic mix which is very much a statement about his personality.
We have a little bit of mid-century modern mixed with more traditional elements but had to throw in plenty of rustic and natural pieces to reflect who he is.

My son also wanted something industrial.
The fact that he actually used the word 'industrial' was enough for me to want to make that happen!
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, this is not a finished room.
There are plans for a side table, some additional/replacement lighting, and most likely a new rug.
But since those items require a greater monetary commitment, I wanted to see where the room was going before choosing those pieces.
Without further delay I give you...

Stone's Room

What I love about this room is that, even though it currently is a 'tween room with toys and stuffed animals and kid stuff, it is mostly neutral and color is added with only a couple of really inexpensive accessories like the rug and the colorful afghan so it can easily adapt for a teenager with some very simple changes. 

 Hope you enjoyed the tour!

I want to tell you more about where I found some of the items in this room so if you're curious to know more check back soon.

À la vie et à l'amour

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