Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inspiration and My Decorating Process (a long and meaty post)

Do you ever wonder how other people (who are not professional decorators) go about decorating a room?

I know how the decorating process works for me but what about you?

Do you make a mood board then go out and buy everything on it?
Do you find a room you love and try to copy it as closely as you can?

Or do you gather ideas slowly and make gradual purchases and changes over time, often modifying your mental picture of what the finished room will look like?

That would be me.

When I decide to start working on a room in my house it's rare that I have a clear vision of what the finished room will look like.

Sometimes I have an idea in mind of where I want it to go.
But my decorating journey rarely leads to where I originally thought it would.

As I mentioned on Monday, I want to share a tour of my son's room this week.
But I started thinking that it would be cool to share where some of the inspiration came from.
Because I like to look back and see the evolution of what I thought I wanted and where I ended up.

(Links to where I found all of the following photos may be found on  

My initial inspiration came from this little boy's room that was featured on Apartment Therapy:

It's a bit too young for my 'tween son and I wanted to be sure to incorporate plenty of his own personality and interests.
But the general feel of this room was my jumping off point.

From there I found the following rooms that had a similar feel of what I was going for.

I wanted him to have a room that is masculine, a little bohemian, with some vintage, modern and traditional thrown in along with a touch of sophistication so the room could grow along with him.


When you see the room it will be apparent that the 'sophisticated' aspect has not yet been added yet.
I'm still working on that.

There are also a few other items and ideas that will have to happen over time.
Partly because I'm not one to finish a room all at once over the course of a weekend.
My rooms often take months to get to where I considered them 'finished.'
But I'm never actually finished because I love changing  things constantly!

Also because I'm cheap.

So I refuse to pay full price for anything and often spend a long time looking for a less expensive version or finding a way to make it myself.

Here are some bits and pieces of inspiration for what I am thinking for incorporating those things that haven't happened yet.
See those corner hanging baskets? I have one and it's hopefully being hung today!

A Moroccan style side table maybe?

Stumpy table with brass legs?

Hanging antlers

3 tiered brass pendant


brass sconces

coin collection display

kilim throw pillow

DIY industrial shelves
closet doors painted black?
small area behind door for hooks with some vintage photos?

Now that you've gotten a little peek into the inner workings of the decorating part of my brain I hope I've left you feeling enlightened or inspired and not too frightened.

So, tell me...what's your decorating process?

Hopefully I get a lot of responses to this question so that I can use 'having to read hundreds of responses word for word' as an excuse for not posting the room tour that I promised you tomorrow. 
I think I may have been smoking something when I said it would be up early in the week.
Because after looking at the initial photos I saw numerous things that need to be tweaked.

Which means I have to make said adjustments and then retake photos.

And keep in mind that I don't get paid to decorate, take photos, or blog about this stuff.
(Although that would be really awesome!)
So I also have work at my actual job.

Be patient with me.
I promise it will be this week!

À la vie et à l'amour

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