Friday, April 19, 2013

Running Is for Evading Alien Abductions

It's Friday, people!

Normally I would be super excited about impending weekend frivolity and getting to sleep late.

But no.

My husband has entered himself in a "Fun Run" for tomorrow morning.

Which means I have to get up at the crack of 
'You've GOT to be freaking kidding me!'

On a Saturday.

Running for fun is something that is so foreign to me.
It's like saying, "I'm doing taxes for fun."

The purpose of running is to get somewhere quickly.
Or to get away from something quickly.

Like aliens.

Which brings me to these two photos I took over the past two days that are obviously evidence of alien abductions:

Two different places.
Two different pairs.

The is no other logical explanation other than aliens abducting people right out of their shoes!

The first pair I came across in the Lowes parking lot.
It was a pair of little girl's sandals.

The second pair was in my neighborhood on the sidewalk.
They were Nike running shoes that looked fairly new-ish.

Obviously the little girl wearing the sandals didn't stand a chance (no pun intended) against aliens.
I can't run in sandals.


But whoever was wearing the Nikes could have at least made a concerted effort to get away.
They're RUNNING shoes for crying out loud!
It's like they were standing there waiting for the light to change and


But then I started thinking...

whoever was wearing those Nikes had probably been running for some time because they were training for a Fun Run so they paused to catch their breath in order to make the trek back home and, sensing the fatigue-induced pause, the aliens seized the opportunity to


Which is entirely why I do not 'run for fun.'

I'm saving my energy so that if more aliens start abducting people right out of their shoes, maybe I'll be able to outrun them.

Have a fantastic alien abduction free weekend everyone!

À la vie et à l'amour

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