Thursday, November 8, 2012

J's Pink Bedroom Makeover Update

My oldest daughter, Jordyn, is currently in the midst of a bedroom update.

She wants a room that is feminine and girly as well as sophisticated and classic.
Which pretty much sums up her personality.

Photo courtesy of DJ Segler whose extremely talented son is my daughter's boyfriend...
and one of my loyal readers!

This was Jordyn's inspiration room:

  Keep in mind...

we still have a long way to go before this room is complete.
This stuff takes time!
But here's an update of what we have accomplished thus far.

Knowing she wanted LOTS of white in the room to balance it out, Jordyn chose a beautiful warm pink for her walls.

 She also requested a 'canopy' of some sort so we hung 2 gauzy curtain panels from the ceiling between her bed and dresser to give her a faux enclosure. 

We painted her dresser (a thrift store find) a glossy white and it looks amazing!
 The hardware for said dresser is still being decided.  
Brass?  Chrome?  Glass?  What do you think?

I really like the look of this credenza with the black accents and brass hardware:

And I could totally see these knobs on her dresser:
Except that I can't for the life of me remember where I found them!

The white roll top desk was my husband's grandfather's.  
It serves as her dressing table where she does her hair and makeup every morning.
The chair is temporary.
Above the desk is her memento filled corkboard.  

I am thinking about framing out the corkboard with a large chunky silver frame I already have to make it a bit more elegant.
For now the frame of it is painted white.

The chandelier was 'rescued' and painted a really nice aqua blue to go in her previous room.
It will stay but will be getting a coat of silver spray paint (hopefully soon!)

Jordyn's bookcase is filled with her favorite books (organized alphabetically, of course.)
We plan to either paint the back or possibly paper it in something really nice.

I would love to see this paper on the back:

But, it's NOT cheap.
And it would be mostly covered by books and such.

The framed photography on the top shelf of the bookcase is Jordyn's own work.
I think there should definitely be more of it in her room!

On the opposite side of her bookcase, to the right side of her closet, is a full length mirror we topped off with a decorative shelf.  
I'm thinking some of her framed artwork or photography would look great on it.

Currently we are 'making do' with the gray rug and curtains that were part of her previous room decor. 
Ideally she would like a white flokati rug and simple white curtain panels on her window.
She also wants all white bedding and a comfy chair for her dressing table that can also serve as a reading chair.

Maybe something like this Bergere chair:

Here's what I envision when it's all finished:
À la vie et à l'amour

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