Monday, November 19, 2012

Some Findings

Much of my weekend was spent perusing ideas for my house.
As much fun as it was, I am also left with a sense of frustration.

You see, I have become rather fond of a couple of fabrics that I would love to use in my home but they are very much out of budgetary reach for me.

First, is this gorgeous floral fabric, Misia, by Manuel Canovas.


It's only available 'to the trade' which means that only a decorator can get their hands on it.
Not that it matters because the fabric is $400 per yard!
And, no, that second zero is not a typo.

 But, my very most favoriteist is this Schumacher fabric that I am seeing everywhere in the bloggersphere:

Chiang Mai Dragon in aquamarine.
It's like a Chinese rainbow of awesomeness.
And it would literally go with EVERYTHING in my house.
I want it real bad.

Again, it's only available to the trade.
Unless you find it online for "cheap."
(And yes that was sarcastic.)
Because it's still $140 for a yard.
That's a lot of clams.

Do you know what I could buy with $140?

A whole bunch of other cool stuff.

Like a yard of this Duralee Ponderosa fabric for $25


a yard of this Robert Allen Latticescape fabric for $10


This red Parsons sofa table from my favorite thrift store for a mere $50


two of these brass lamps for only $50.

Yes the shades are ugly but I would still have $5 left to buy some black spray paint and I would spray the ugly right out of those shades until I had more money to buy some new ones.

It's good to get some perspective, right?

But I do still LOVE that Chiang Mai fabric!

À la vie et à l'amour

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