Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

This is a very important day, my friends.
Some serious issues are at hand and it's time for you to vote!

I have been debating for a long time about what would be the best choice but, like Ohio, 
I am just not certain where my loyalties lie. 
 I could really be swayed either way on this one.

So I am enlisting your help with my decision.

Let me introduce the candidates...

The first candidate is Black.

Classic, sophisticated and masculine, Black never goes out of style.

The second candidate is Pink.
(But a little darker than this one.)

Like Black, Pink is also classic and sophisticated but in a more feminine way with a touch of whimsy.

Now for the debate...

The issue is my bar area.
It's detestable.
The way I feel about this part of my home is the same way some people feel about
Nationalized Health Care.

Here are some examples of what I think the Black candidate could do for this space:

My cabinets are similar in color and I like how the black looks against them -
it's a good contrast.

I wouldn't paint stripes but I love the black and white mix paired with dark wood and gold accents.

And now for the Pink candidate.

If I go with Pink I would probably go with stripes.
Like this:

I would still use plenty of white along with some black and gold accents and that same dark wood because, OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT THIS!

Do you see why I am having trouble deciding?
One shouldn't be too hasty when making important decisions such as this.

Either way I end up going, I think I may have to find or make this for my bar:


I'm a total sucker for trays!

So now it's your turn to make a difference.

Just leave a comment and vote for the paint candidate you like best.

The winner will be announced tomorrow!

(And hopefully bar area makeover photos will be shared later this week!)

À la vie et à l'amour

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  1. Black, because pink is too girly