Thursday, November 15, 2012

Early Christmas Gift

Whew!  It has been a busy week around here.
I have been decluttering and organizing absolutely everything since catching the tail end of a Hoarders episode over the weekend.
Nothing like a woman living in her own excrement to make you want to get rid of everything you own!

I did, however, take a day earlier in the week to go shopping with my mom.
She is not only beautiful and stylish but she is the most creative person I know and if she was homeless and living out of a box it would be the nicest box under the overpass!

She is also one of my very best friends and I am so lucky to have her.
We had such a great time being goofy, often laughing like a couple of little school girls.
Mostly at other's people's expense.
My mom and me a bazillion years ago
My mom and me somewhat recently although I don't recall exactly when because that was a really big margarita and I might have blacked out for a few days

She also spoils me all the time and she bought me an early Christmas gift that I am so excited to share today!

About a month ago my friend, Tracy who is also a blogger at Relish Decor, showed me her pair of brass and glass etageres that were a beautiful Ikea hack project.  
Sort of like this one I found on Pinterest
and this one.


The clean lines and open shelving were exactly what I needed in my living room to replace a heavy dark cabinet that I already had.
Dark cabinet

I started checking out other etageres and decided that was definitely the route I would go in my living room.  

Last weekend while out running errands I decided to stop into a nearby thrift store and to my amazement there was a chrome and brass etagere with glass shelves just waiting for someone to snatch it up.  

And it was only $45!
I about died.

Several days later my mom and I were at the same thrift store and the shelf was still there.  
As I approached it and saw the price tag I let out a HUGE GASP!
I totally startled my mom who thought I had seen a snake or something.
(Really, mom? A snake in the thrift store?)
The shelf had been marked down to $30!

She bought it for me immediately.
Which was probably because she had all that adrenaline coursing through her from me scaring her.

But I would totally scare her again because here is my fantastically awesome $30 chrome, brass and glass etagere:

À la vie et à l'amour

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