Monday, February 2, 2015

Rock the Lunchbox

I vividly remember taking my lunch to school almost daily from 1st grade through my senior year of high school.

First day of first grade.  Peanuts lunchbox.  Serious business.

It's odd because I don't recall any sort of dislike of the school prepared lunches and I would often buy my lunch on particular days of the week (namely, Wednesdays which were Hamburger Day and Fridays which were Pizza Day.

First day of my senior year.  Different lunchbox.  Tan legs, white face.  Wtf?

I do, however, remember various times that I would peel the ham from betwixt my mustard coated slices of bread, blow the tiny bits of cheese out of the ham & cheese loaf, and carefully place the emptied out ham remnant back between the slices of bread before eating it.
Fortunately there was often a tiny box of raisins for dessert to balance out my gourmet lunch.

It's still baffling that I didn't turn out to be a stripper or something as a result of those lunches.

Anyway, my kids have never been particularly fond of school prepared lunches so the task of preparing nutritious mid-day meals during the school year has fallen onto my shoulders.

This task is not without obstacles...

First, I have a teenage son.
He eats very much food.
Like, ALL the food.

Second, he doesn't like PB&J sandwiches.

Or lunchmeat sandwiches.

He's basically a princess.

Anyway, I was super mega thrilled beyond all normal levels of excitement when Influenster invited me to take part in the Rock the Lunchbox campaign!

They sent me these vouchers for items from various companies who offer healthy, organic drinks and snacks that are great for packing school lunches that go beyond the 'ol PB&J or ham loaf and raisin boxes.

I used all of my vouchers at the same time at Target which happened to be running great sales on all of the items, including a really great 'buy 4 get one free' sale on their Annie's Organic snacks.

Obviously I took full advantage of that since it meant I'd end up with 5 packages of snacks for the price of 3!
We kept everything but the White Cheddar Bunnies which went into a care package that was shipped off to my oldest daughter at college!

Starting tomorrow and continuing through the rest of this week, I'll show you how we used these great items to Rock the Lunchbox and let you know what we thought about everything.

In the meantime, you can click here for more great Rock the Lunchbox ideas!

Please note: While I did receive these items for free, all opinions regarding them are my own.  
Those opinions are based solely on highly non-scientific research conducting by various members of my food-eating family.

À la vie et à l'amour

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