Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rock the Lunchbox Day 1

Most mornings I wake up in a complete stupor until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee.

It was actually really great to wake up this morning knowing I had a great supply of healthy lunch options for my son that also made it super easy to throw a healthy lunch together pre-coffee.

As I mentioned yesterday, he isn't fond of traditional lunchmeat sandwiches or PB & J but he really has a thing for Chicken Patty sandwiches.

Today's lunch was a chicken patty on a bun with some buffalo sauce, carrots and ranch dip, Annie's snack mix, a Cuties orange, Annie's Friends Bunny Grahams, and an Honest Kids fruit punch juice pouch.

Yes, it sounds like a lot of food but he's a 13 year old boy so it's not actually possible to pack too much for him.

Every last bit of lunch was consumed with one exception...
the Cuties orange.

Which brings me to why I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the
Honest Kids drink pouches.

My son will guzzle those things like a college frat boy at a keg party!
It's made from all organic fruit juice with no added sugar so I can actually get a bit of fruit into him without complaint.
He said he really likes the Fruit Punch flavor but would love to try the Lemonade next.

Also in this particular lunch were some Annie's snack mix and some Annie's Bunny Grahams.
Both received the '13 year old boy stamp of approval'!

Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of Rock the Lunchbox week!

In the meantime, click here for more great Rock the Lunchbox ideas!

Please note: While I did receive these items for free, all opinions regarding them are my own.  
Those opinions are based solely on highly non-scientific research conducting by various members of my food-eating family.

À la vie et à l'amour

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