Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rock the Lunchbox Day 2

What 13 year old boy doesn't love pizza rolls?

Mine is no exception so I knew right away I would be using my voucher for an Annie's frozen food item on these guys right here.

It took only a few minutes in the oven to heat them so they were prepared quickly before school and packed along with an Honest Kids fruit punch, some broccoli & carrots, ranch dip, Annie's Cheddar Squares and Annie's Bunny Friends (which have started disappearing quickly so I suspect they are being eaten as after school snacks as well!)

Annie's Pizza Rolls got a big thumbs up from my son who said they tasted much better than some of the other brands we have tried.
He also mentioned they had a little bit of spicy kick to them which is always a plus in his book.

The only drawback is that 1 box contains about 11 rolls which is only enough for 1 lunch for him.
(As I mentioned earlier this week, he eats ALL the food!)
At $3 per box (on sale) it would be a pretty expensive to add them in as a regular weekly item.

Check back tomorrow for Day 3 of Rock the Lunchbox week!

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Please note: While I did receive these items for free, all opinions regarding them are my own.  
Those opinions are based solely on highly non-scientific research conducting by various members of my food-eating family.

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