Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Simple Skincare

Up until a few months ago I didn't really have a skin care regimen.

Mainly I would wash my face in the shower using whatever cleansing product happened to be in there at the time.

Sometimes it would be an actual facial cleanser but other times it might be antibacterial hand soap, a bar of soap, bath gel, shampoo (which I don't recommend unless you want your eyeballs to melt) or possibly Comet tub cleaner which is great for exfoliating if you want to remove all the dead skin from your face.

Then my daughter had some issues with acne and visited a dermatologist.

When we walked into the exam room there were beautiful bottles of the main dermatologist guy's own line of extensive (and likely expensive) skin care products and I thought we were about to spend my daughter's entire college tuition on all of his fancy products.

I about fell over when they recommended this:

and this:

They both contain ceramides and have different versions depending on your skin type and also have some with SPF which you should use so you don't look like a raisin when you're 40.

You can buy both of these at just about any grocery store and they are CHEAP!
(Target has had the best prices and greatest varietal selection so far.)

I've been using them for several months now and my skin has never been better 
(and I don't have great facial skin to begin with.)
I have fewer and less severe breakouts, my facial wrinkles are much improved, including the canyon-esque crease between my eyebrows that I get when I concentrate on something too hard, and my skin is softer and smoother in general.

I love that I only have 2 things to use because I am ultra lazy when it comes to skincare and I don't want a 12 step program for my face.

Once a week I do still exfoliate by adding this to my cleansing routine:

It's a washcloth.
Just add a little cleanser to your wet washcloth and gently rub in circles on your face and let the magic happen.

Soooo much better than Comet!

À la vie et à l'amour

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