Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY: Recycled Quilt Bunting

During a recent excursion to a local antiques mall I came across the cutest little bunting made from old quilts.

Having always been fond of vintage quilts (and having rescued several from various garage sales and other quilt bearing venues) I also happened upon a wonderful, partially tattered quilt that day that was perfect for revamping into my own for a mere $14.

I really loved the combination of bright and muted colors but it had some pretty bad damage on about 1/3 of it, as well as some stains, which is probably why it was so cheap.
Since my plan was to cut it up anyway this wasn't a huge issue for me.

I made a triangle template out of some paper and cut out several, keeping the binding intact at the top of each triangle so I could easily thread jute rope through it to hang.

It's best to use pinking shears so the fabric doesn't fray.
Also it looks cuter since I'm not hemming these.

Then I stitched along the side edges to hold each triangle together.

After all my triangles were stitched I threaded some skinny jute rope through the binding that was at the top of each triangle then hung it!


For now it hangs across my bed but, as with a lot of vintage quilts, it's very casual and country-ish so I don't know if it will stay for long.

But for now, I enjoy seeing it and like that I was able to recycle a quilt that someone put a lot of work into.

I also had plenty of quilt leftover to cut out several pillow tops so that project may be coming soon.

À la vie et à l'amour

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