Friday, July 25, 2014

Dorm Art

In less than a month my daughter will be going to college and moving into her new home away from home.

We've had fun this summer amassing a great fortune of dorm essentials and some not-so-essential dorm essentials.
She's planning to use a lot of items we already had on hand, which are my favorite kind.
Plus we've been doing some DIY projects so her space can be really personalized exactly the way she wants it.

Obviously, no dorm room is complete without some sort of art so we've been brainstorming ideas for that.

Back in June my daughter took a trip to California with her best friend.
(Don't worry, they were chaperoned by my dad and stepmom.)

During that trip she took this awesome photo of the Santa Monica Pier with her iPhone:


While working on gathering items for her dorm room, I suggested that she have it enlarged, frame it, and use it as art for her dorm room this August.

Here's the photo with her modifications:

We're thinking 11x14 in this frame from Ikea:

What say you?

À la vie et à l'amour

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