Monday, October 28, 2013

Simple Halloween Decorations

I really want to kick myself for not posting this several weeks ago since it's now only a few days until Halloween and if you haven't already decorated for this holiday, most likely you have no plans to do so.  

But...I am rather fond of my Halloween decor and the good news is that with only a few small modifications, my simple Halloween decorations become simple Thanksgiving decorations and I might even get around to posting about that somewhere around Christmas time or possibly Valentine's Day.

As my kids have gotten older and life has become busier and more complicated I have made a conscious effort to really simplify just about every aspect of life, including seasonal and holiday decorating.

Certainly I want to make our home festive and fun but if it's too difficult or complicated I lose all motivation because I really just want to be able to enjoy those specials seasons and celebrations with my family without too much fussiness.
Or clean up.

So, here's what our home looks like for Halloween.

And, yes, that is a real Ouija board on top of my dining room hutch.

I use it for decoration rather than summoning dead people because I'm fairly certain it's defective.
We totally tried to contact Elvis when we first got it and that little plastic piece just sat there.

Also, my son announced last night that he wants to be a rock for Halloween so if anyone knows how to make a rock costume cheaply and easily please let me know right away!

Otherwise my kid is just going to walk around in a gray sweatsuit with the words,
"I'm a rock"
on it.

If you're looking for some simple and inexpensive homemade Halloween costume ideas (other than a rock) be sure to check out my post here with 15 ideas for Cheap and Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes!

À la vie et à l'amour

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