Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thirfty Thursday: Skirting the Issue

This Thrifty Thursday post is sort of like a band aid -
It's a good cover up for something nasty underneath.

Many a long time ago I was looking through the pages of a House Beautiful decorating book and stumbled across this photo:

I am not really sure why I hadn't previously thought to add a skirt to my vanity but I knew this would be a great solution in my bathroom and a few other places around my home to add storage space and cover up some less than attractive areas at the same time.

Such as my master bathroom:

Since I am still gathering ideas for my bathroom update I am not ready to commit to a nice fabric until paint and other details have been decided.
So I temporarily used a beige linen I already had on hand and a small tension rod.
 But you could also just staple gun it directly to the back of the vanity if you prefer.

I love that the space underneath is not wasted and it's a great way to introduce some color to the bathroom 
(unless you're using beige linen, of course.)
Aaaannnd... you can change the fabric to suit your mood/taste/season and it won't break the bank because it only takes a couple of yards.

I'm thinking about something like this from L&S Fabrics:

Or maybe this Waverly fabric from my local Joann Fabrics store:

My bathroom is not the only place where I have used a skirt to mask a storage area.
This monstrosity under my husband's desk drove me nuts every time I would look at it.
(Why can't everything be cordless?)

Hello, again, beige linen fabric skirt.

Don't judge - this is my husband's office/desk and is the single most hideous room in the house.
 Progress is slowly being made but, for now, covering crap up is the best I can do, people!

My daughter also wanted something to cover the uglies underneath her desk/dressing table and to add some femininity to a very modern table when she updated her room.

Oh, look!  A beige linen skirt again!
I must be really awful at estimating yardage because I still have tons of this stuff in my fabric stash and have used it for countless projects already!

I'm also thinking about a more tailored look for my bathroom skirt rather than one that is gathered.
Maybe something along these lines from the wonderfully talented, Jenny Komenda, over at Little Green Notebook:

Don't you just LOVE that lavender trim tape with the forest green velvet?

Hmmmm...maybe it's time to start making some progress on my bathroom.

À la vie et à l'amour

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