Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Backyard Glamping

I do not like camping.

The idea of camping is quite lovely...fresh air, sleeping under the stars, campfires...
but actual camping just isn't for me.

I like indoor plumbing.
And electricity.
And sleeping in a real bed.

GLAMPing, however, is something I can get into!


And there are companies that you can hire to handle all of your GLAMPing needs like the Glam Camping Company :

They're a British company but you can definitely find places in the states that can provide you a fantastic Glamping experience.


You can make your own Glamp-Out.
Which is what I did last week during my kids' Spring Break!

I set up the tent we already had under the swingset.
It seems like an odd place to set up the tent but this was the only available place for set up as we do have a pool that takes up most of the yard space.  
(Not complaining about that at all - just explaining the reasoning behind the locale.)

And, yes, I probably would have gotten 'Mom of the Year' if I had figured out a way for us to be able to go down the slide right into the tent but the logistics were just not making that possible.

Even though I told the kids in advance that we would be having a Glamp Out, and they watched me lug things in and out all day long, the reveal was a surprise.
 And I was worried they would think it was cheesy and boring and hate it.


 I made our 'Camp Haney' sign using a branch from the yard, a leftover fence board and paint I had on hand.

One of my favorite touches were the cut logs that held candles.
I used a piece of firewood we had and cut it into small pieces of varying heights.
It ended up being too windy to light the candles were they were still cute and I saved them to use again.
Maybe indoors???




Glamping is all about comfort so instead of an inflatable mattress and sleeping bags I dragged a real twin size mattress into the tent and made it up with a favorite vintage quilt, afghan and TONS of fluffy throw pillows.
I also brought in a rug from the office so that our bare feet could walk on something soft.


My husband and I drank champagne out of my plastic picnic basket cups and I taught Stone to play Blackjack.
He picked up on it very quickly and beat me every round .

Even the dogs had fun jumping around in the tent.
I guess they could feel the excitement! 

I was just glad they didn't try to pee on the rug.

 The star-shaped string lights were a $2 thrift store find and were the best part of the tent itself!
I hung them with clothespins all along the inside top so that when you were laying down it was like a starry sky.

We didn't sleep outdoors but we spent most of the evening relaxing out there, eating s'mores and just enjoying our little family night.
And everyone wanted to keep it set up for the following day and night.

I can't wait for our next Glamp Out!

If you want to see more Camping and Glamping ideas check out my 'Backyard Camping' Pinterest board!)

À la vie et à l'amour

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