Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Birthday Dinner

With three kids, we've certainly had our share of birthday parties over the past (almost) 17 years.

We've had bowling parties, Chuck E Cheese parties, Harry Potter theme parties, and countless swim parties!

The simple and elegant parties celebrated at home, though, are my favorite by far!

This weekend my youngest daughter turned 15 and here's how we celebrated:

 I brought out the real silver (fortunately it was already polished otherwise I would have totally scrapped that idea!)

The table was set with a white vintage tablecloth, Waterford glasses (Kildare pattern) and gold-rimmed white place settings.  

I love the silver and gold combination with a white tablecloth because it works for EVERY holiday and special occasion!

The best part of the table, though, was the gift tower centerpiece that had some of her actual gifts inside the boxes - so fun!

 I wrapped them in gold polka dot paper because this year was her 'Golden' Birthday 
(15 on the 15th.)

We had a delicious steak dinner she requested complete with Paleo style Sinful Cauliflower (more about this in a later post) and a special dessert.

I used these cute and sassy leopard print baking cups for cupcakes.

and made homemade Paleo chocolate cupcakes from a recipe I found here...

 and served them on a vintage silver tray to make them extra special!
(I know - the frosting looks a little bit like piles of cat poop but it was actually quite delicious)

How do you like to celebrate your special day?
Dinner out?  A small celebration at home? 
A big drunken Bacchus complete with trannies, chimpanzees and cage dancing people?

À la vie et à l'amour

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