Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Free Activity That Could Make Your Butt and Other Body Parts Really Itchy

Previously my Thrifty Thursday posts have been more decorating related but today I wanted to share a super cool idea for a family activity that is completely FREE!

It's called Geo Caching.

You can get details at this website but here's the basic premise...

People hide small containers in places all over the world 
(we visited 8 that were within walking distance of our house) 
and you go in search of them using your phone's GPS system and an app you download.

When you find it you open it, sign the tiny paper log and maybe take a trinket/treasure someone else has left previously and leave one in its place for the next person to retrieve.

It's sort of like treasure hunting only you don't really get anything valuable except the glory of finding the secret and, often, very hidden/camouflaged location.

Also you get the glory of spending 6 hours with your sweet son who thinks you're his awesome treasure hunting partner but who will someday think you are the lamest person on the planet and will no longer want to spend any time with you.

Until then, you can go Geo Caching together and he'll think you're the best mom ever!

Our very first cache find!

Unless you both wake up covered in chigger bites all over your butt and other un-mentionable places as well as some that ARE mentionable like your feet, even though you wore socks and tennis shoes the entire day.

I spared you the horror of seeing a picture of my butt and shared this one of my foot instead
It was totally worth it.
But next time we will definitely remember to use insect repellent!

À la vie et à l'amour

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