Friday, February 1, 2013


There's something so mysterious, glamorous and sexy about black and lately I've been doing some perusing and pondering about bringing it into my home in some sort of bold way like this:


The majority of the rooms in my home are very open and spill into the next room so it's practically impossible to paint just one room without it looking color blocked.

However, I am thinking my entryway with just two paint-able walls could be the perfect place to try out some bold black paint!

I considered the idea of this wallpaper from Hygge & West that I have been adoring for a while.
This is the gray/gold colorway.
(Yes, the white/gold is the one I previously used on my blog header because I love it so much!)

I can definitely see this paper in the entry with a large piece of artwork in a bold red or possibly pink like the photo above?  
Plus my white and cold Stiffel lamp (with a better shade, of course) and a glossy painted tray or maybe a clear acrylic one?

(there's always a 'but' isn't there?)

One roll of this beauty is $125!
I tiled the floor of my guest bathroom for less than that!

I am also thinking that I don't really want to sand the walls so that they are smooth enough for wallpaper anyway (because I am an instant gratification kind of gal and I prefer projects that are done in a day rather than those long, drawn out ones.)

I've been thinking a lot about entryway from Sarah Greenman at La Maison Boheme
 (a very cool writer, decorator, artist and fellow Dallas-ite.)

Rather than using expensive wallpaper, she hand-painted abstract circles on her entryway wall and I think it looks uh-mazing!
(Her painted door is pretty awesome as well.)

Jenny at Little Green Notebook also painted some abstract oval-y circle-y things on her podwer room walls.

I also like this Kelly Wearstler painted black on white pattern .

So I'm thinking I may just need to paint my entry walls black with some large gold abstract circles to give a slight nod to that Hygge & West wallpaper I love so much.

It would be inexpensive, wouldn't take much time and, if I totally hated it, I could paint over it!

Are you drinking my Kool-Aid on this one?

À la vie et à l'amour

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