Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Buster's Tale/Tail

This is a true story about our dog, Buster.

Once upon a time there was a family who was experiencing apocalypse levels of stress. So, Dad and Daughter #2 decided a puppy would be the answer to all their problems! (WHAT!!!???)

After some research they decided on a unique white and tan wiener dog who was 3 months old and they drove 2 hours to pick him up. He barfed in the car on the way home and Mom was not happy.
New Puppy!

They named him Buster and Mom (who was still not happy because Buster was keeping her up all night whining in his crate) worked very hard every day while Dad was at work and Kids were at school to train Buster to be a good dog. Buster learned to sit, stay, lay down, and wait. He also learned how to ring a bell to be let outside to potty, and eventually he stopped whining when he went in his crate.

Buster was a good puppy. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. He ran up to the kids at school and wanted to be petted all the time and didn't bark much and played with toys and wagged his tail a lot. He also loved car rides (and never had barf issues after that first time.) And he LOVED to go for walks around the neighborhood. He liked to hold part of his leash in his mouth while he was walking so that he could 'walk himself.'

Buster and a Snowball

When Buster was only 4 months old he went on an adventure at the lake. He loved the lake and the open space, and being away from the city. During his adventure at the lake, Dad took the Kids and their Friends on a trailer ride. Buster wanted to go, too, because he loved the Kids and their Friends.  

During the trailer ride another dog who we will call BIG STUPID LAKE DOG decided to chase the trailer full of Kids and Friends. Even though he was still just a pup, Buster didn't like BSLD (Big Stupid Lake Dog) and he started barking and pulling at his leash trying to scare off BSLD so he wouldn't mess with Buster's Kids and Friends.

 Big Stupid Lake Dog

 Buster Pulling on His Leash

But Buster pulled too hard and his collar broke! He jumped out the side opening of the trailer and the trailer ran over his head. Poor Buster...

Mom and Dad rushed Buster to the vet who happened to be Daughter #1's Grandpa. Grandpa Vet said Buster had a concussion and a ruptured eardrum. He cleaned him up and gave him lots of medicines and said we'll just have to wait and see if he would be okay. Mom, Dad, Kids and Friends were all very sad. They left Buster with Grandpa Vet and drove back to the city the next day.

After about 24 really long hours Grandpa Vet sent some pictures of Buster with his eyes open. Then he sent pictures of Buster walking. Then he told us that Buster was able to go potty but he didn't send pictures of that because that's just gross and disturbing. After 6 days with Grandpa Vet we picked up Buster and brought him home.

 Buster At Grandpa Vet's with his IV

Buster still felt pretty bad and spent a lot of time resting in his crate or on his pillow. He was also hungry ALL the time and ate like a big pig! He also peed everywhere because he was too slow to make it outside quickly enough. He also growled at everyone because he was really grouchy from having his head run over by a trailer. And he stopped playing with toys and he never wagged his tail. He also didn't like to go for walks anymore. It was not a happy time for Buster and he was very depressed.

Buster Not Wanting to Take A Walk

Dad decided Buster needed a friend to help him recover so we bought him a puppy dog friend named Luna. Buster was not happy about Luna at first but Luna loved Buster even though he was messed up. After some time Buster decided he might like to be friends with Luna and eventually he even wagged his tail when they played. Then he decided to be friends with Mom and eventually he decided to be friends with Dad and Kids and didn't growl at them as much.

Buster's Friend, Luna

Buster is now 1 ½ years old and he's doing much better. He still loves food and treats and has learned new tricks. He goes potty outside and plays with his friend, Luna, and sometimes with his toys (but only the squeaky or crinkly ones.) He wags his tail a little when people come to the door and when he plays and sometimes he wags his tail when he sees Mom, Dad, or Kids!

He likes to run around around the pool and chase after the pool scooter and bark at it and wag his tail. He also likes to chase off birds and squirrels from the backyard and wag his tail. Sometimes Buster forgets that he loves us and gets confused and growls at us. Then he remembers that we scratch his ears and rub his belly and give him treats and he stops growling and just yawns instead. 

 Buster Now

There were times when Mom and Dad thought Buster might have to be given up for adoption or put to sleep because he seemed so unhappy. But they decided to be very patient with him and try different things to see if he got better because even though he's a little messed up, he's family and we love him just like we do with ALL of our messed up family members! 

Buster Loves Naps

And that's Buster's tale/tail!

À la vie et à l'amour

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