Friday, June 29, 2012

Blogging, Laundry and Ugly Underwear

An anecdote

Once upon a time there was a woman who decided to start blogging. She was having so much fun blogging every day that she stopped doing laundry. 

Eventually the only pair of shorts left to wear in her closet were a pair of white ones which required  precision underwear selection skills so as not be frowned upon by respectable southern women everywhere. You can only imagine the horror when the woman realized that the only pairs left in her drawer from which to choose had zebra stripes, SUNDAY FUNDAY across the backside or were hideous patterned granny panties!

The woman was very sad and realized that she had no choice but to stop blogging and do some laundry so that she could eventually leave the house again because she also needed to buy groceries and other necessities.  

Like toilet paper.  

And wine.

The End
(all photos courtesy of Google images)

À la vie et à l'amour

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