Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Embracing Mediocrity

Through Pinterest and blog reading I have discovered that the world is full of really amazing people who seem to have Midas-like abilities.

They can reach into their pockets, pull out a piece of string, some lint and a spare penny and turn it into a fabulous side table.

And then take magazine spread quality photos of their project that they post on Instagram with a link to their 
eloquently composed blog about such project.

All while I'm still trying to ingest my first pot of coffee.

Outfit of the day... pajamas and old lady slippers paired with a 3rd cup of cheap store bought coffee.

After several months hiatus I recently decided to start blogging again.

As much as I enjoyed blogging I found myself comparing my simple, amateurish blog to that of other bloggers who have professionally designed pages, amazing photos of every meal, room and outfit, and loads of sponsors and advertisers who are paying them with either products or actual money.

I found myself feeling inadequate.
Not only because my blog itself is about as simple as it gets but because I feel no real desire to make it anything more than what it is.

Let me assure you - I am definitely not lazy.
I am simply content with mediocrity.

Because at the end of each day, my family doesn't ask me what I crafted that day using nothing more than an old tire and some used dental floss.

Tassel necklace I made from wooden beads I whittled individually from a tree in my own backyard and thread spun from my exotic neon pink silkworm collection. 
They want to know, "What's for dinner?" 
And then they want to know,

"Can we start eating right away or do we have to wait while you take pictures of dinner for your blog?"

PB & J.  It speaks for itself.

My point is... 
I'm okay being mediocre at certain things because I know that I excel in other areas that are more important to me.

I'm a great mom.
Despite some of my social media user names indicating I'm the World's Okayest Mom. 
And I'm a great wife.

Despite anything my husband might say to the contrary while I'm blogging and ignoring him.

À la vie et à l'amour

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