Thursday, May 22, 2014


Ten years ago we went on our first family camping trip to Oklahoma with some friends and their huge family.
It was for 2 nights and we had a reasonably good time.

We have not been camping since.
Unless you count the handful of times we set up the tent and 'camped' in our own backyard.

Probably because when you have lake houses, it's just easier to have your outdoor experience and then come home to a soft bed, a fridge, running water and a bathroom a few steps away.

This past weekend, however, we busted out the camping gear and joined a few friends and their families for a 1 night camping excursion.

This kid is one of my 3 favorite DIY projects!  I made him almost 13 years ago.

My groom.

Our humble abode.  No tent is complete without solar powered LED star lights and a rag rug.

Blurry tent interior pic due to excess wine consumption.

Flashlight doing double duty as a light saber.

We survived the night!  And my son is tied to a tree.

Heading home.  Yes, I am officially the world's worst selfie taker.

Maybe next time we'll camp for 2 nights.
Or not.

À la vie et à l'amour

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