Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maybe I'll Stay on This Planet A Little Longer...

Sometimes I find myself so frustrated and disenchanted with our human species that I often tell my family,

"As soon as humans can live on other planets I am catching the first spaceship outta' here!"

In our home we practice acceptance, tolerance and kindness.
Across the board.
No exceptions.

We do not judge based on skin color, religious beliefs, or sexual preferences.
We judge based on quality of character.

(And sometimes I might judge you based on your decor choice but it's certainly not a deal killer!)

So when I heard this news I decided that maybe I could stand to stay on this planet a little bit longer.

Also, thank you to one of my favorite comedic bloggers and fellow Texans, Jenny Lawson, for sharing this video from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
(Macklemore is the rapper who became my new best friend when he released the Thrift Shop song!)

Now I'm sharing it with all of you because you deserve this bit of specialness.

Feel the love, people!

À la vie et à l'amour

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