Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: $20 DIY Rag Rug

Several weeks ago, before work became so busy that my brain started melting, I was still reading all of my favorite blogs and came upon this bit of loveliness from designer Emily Henderson:

I pinned a different photo of this same room because I fell completely in love with that rag rug.  
It's from Land of Nod.

About a week or so after storing this image in the back of my brain, I began hunting and gathering items for the new lakehouse.

One of the items I needed was a large-ish rug for the living to add some color and a little softness to the tiled floor.

I found several inexpensive options at Gardenridge 
(do they have those all over the country or just in some regions????) 
and at Ikea, of course.

But none were exactly what I wanted and the ones I did really want were all $100 and up.

Now, $100 is certainly not expensive for a rug but since I also had to purchase a LOT of other items like beds, mattresses, etc. another $100 was more than I really wanted to spend on something that could possibly be ruined by the first person who lets their dog or kid pee on or track mud onto it.

So, while on yet another trip to Gardenridge, which is like a mecca of cheap stuff for your house in case you don't have those where you live and were wondering, I happened across small rag rugs for only $5.99.

And then I said to myself, 

" should sew these together to make one big rag rug."

So that's what I did:

This is a really HUGE needle

Make sure to pull your thick rope-y thread really tight when stitching

And here it is in the lake house living room, ready to be mudded and peed on!

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À la vie et à l'amour

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