Friday, August 8, 2014

Family Fondue Night

My husband has laid down the law about me bringing home any more of the following items:

Dogs (or any other multi-legged creature)
Fondue pots

The last one is really hard.
Because for whatever reason I am a complete sucker for fondue pots.
Especially inexpensive vintage ones from the thrift store.

Recently I decided it was time to break out the fondue pots for a fun summer dinner.
It was awesome!

Some people serve fondue in courses but I like mine all spread out on the table at once.

We cooked the 'surf and turf' and the mushrooms in avocado oil and a little roasted garlic.

Chocolate fondue with fruit and some dipping sauces for the meats.

Cheddar cheese fondue - so good with tart apples or broccoli.

Apparently fondue makes you sleepy and causes your head to tilt to the side.

That green fondue pot was only $2.

Fondue selfie

More like FUNdue, am I right?

Another cool thing about fondue is that you can cater to everyone's food quirks without having to make multiple entrees.
Meats, veggies and cheese for the paleo people...
Veggies, fruit, cheese and chocolate for the vegetarian...

and wine for me.

À la vie et à l'amour

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